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It was a glorious battle.

It was a glorious battle. Squads of elite Orcs warriors with the chieftain of Atar, they oppress us mercilessly. Pleased only that they had no hunters, who are great shooters. Shooters can get the battleships in the eye socket of the helmet from fifty steps. But without them, the desert land Durotar enjoyed plenty of our blood. The situation was saved a young paladin, only recently arrived from the capital of the Alliance, Stormwind to strengthen the command structure of our punitive Legion.

Just yesterday we had fun moved to the Orcs capital, Orgrimmar, defeating along the way all the militia of the enemy and capturing many Forts, villages and even small town in the Steppes on the outskirts of the stronghold hordes. And suddenly, instead of tired and clumsily fought tillers and herdsmen they came, skilled and persistent soldiers, throwing us a call in the old days. And not only here in Kalendarska, in steppes, but in our home Elvinskih forest, almost near the capital. In the morning we were woken by an alarm signal of Tarlach battle horn, he is our scout elf. Quickly donning the armor, we only managed to jump out of the camp without fighting the build and without our favorite wall of shields. We came under a tight formation clad in armor attacking the ranks of the Horde. Confusion in the camp threatened the complete destruction of the third Legion. We were saved only by the ability to beat the enemy without the help of the regime, among us there were enough masters of a single combat. Among them was me. Just few years ago I was an elite of the Alliance, but trained the legendary old centurion in the far Vestfol - my homeland. Killing the hefty Orc with heavy two-handed sword, I took the crossbow. My comrades felt dead around me, but panels already were closed from behind. All day with varying degrees of success there was a fight, the Horde pressed us, or we pressed them. My quiver for crossbow arrows was empty, spare quiver of arrows longer for the bow was half full. And I was sure that not even one arrow was wasted.

Finally the horde suffered same losses fell under the powerful rumble of the drums. We had no strength to follow them, all we could do is burn the bodies of the orcs, and count their own losses. It turned out that in my phalanx centurion was killed, but in General, the ratio of killed was one legionary for the three Hordes. We’ve collected uruk’s armor in one place, but gilded armor of the fallen Legionnaires by tradition, we did not touch. We buried them with armor and weapons. I knew that we had no time for rest. We need to act immediately. I asked the permission from the temporarily commander of my hundred, and went for investigation. Our camp stood on a hill near the river separating the two areas of the Horde Empire, Steppe and Durotar. If you go further North, bypassing the small cavity, formed in the result of an ancient earthquake, you can go to a sloping hill, which someday will become a mountain. I came all this way, and with my experienced eye quite soon I found a path that you can climb up. With the last effort, without even having to rest, I still climbed the hill and found a small, hidden from observation cave. It was not exactly the cave, it was a deepening. 

I saw the Horde, not so far away, not more than five leagues from us. They stood with a camped. Apparently preparing to deliver another blow. It was seen as the commanders of the Horde chasing his subordinates in the camp. Orcs, healers to treat the wounded, and some seem hopeless, immediately next to the camp were finished, easing suffering. Looking beyond the camp, I saw a long snake, and to my horror I realized that this column of troops coming to help to superior orcs. Going downhill is always easier than going up. However, I broke all their previous records, hurrying to the camp. There was sense to talk to the centurion, so I broke into the tent to the commander of the Legion, General Tarlah.

 - My General, the Horde is in five leagues to the North, but further I’ve noticed reinforcements coming to them.

General was still young, however, not a coward. Assessing the situation, he praised me, but noticed:

 - The information you gave me, is very important, but I can't now quit the force, the Legionnaires are tired, and we need to wait for reinforcements from the Capstan.

 - Mon General – I had to convince him to do at least one thing – I understand that soldiers are tired, but the second phalanx managed to relax a little, I propose to send them across the steppes on horseback, to intercept, not allowing to unite with the main forces of the Horde. Long girth is possible, because the Horde is pedestrian system.

The General cast a long appraising look and said, "Call Seneschal to me!" In the tent ran one of the main commanders of the Legion and gave the General honor.

 «Mr. Berad, collect the rear-guard phalanx and send it with this young man».

I started.

 «Young man, you are leaving this minute. Quite possibly that on your shoulders there is a fate of our entire squad. If you won’t fail, I will not forget you».

So began my career in rise of Legion. He saluted the General and the rest of the audience in the tent with the officers, I immediately went to save our Legion.

 A column of Uruks, we caught up with late at night. Surprisingly, they walked without stopping, although it was clear that they were brutally tired. The better for us. Going to the rear and right flank, we swept them, crushing the horses and chopping spears, the battle lasted no more than half an hour. Ruthlessly finishing off the remnants of the forces of the Horde, we decided to rest, but to send a messenger to the camp of the Legion with good news. I’ve got the idea: why do we need to collect forces again, if you can attack the camp of the Horde from both sides, clamp them in a vise, and possibly even surround. This idea I explained to the messenger in words, just in case on the way he will be intercept with the orcs. At dawn came the answer from Tarlach. Without much praise and flattering words, the General ordered to bring strength, calculating the time so by noon, my squad had to go to the camp of the Horde. According to General’s we had to fight later than the main force of the Legion, hit enemy in the back unexpectedly.

 «Call the alarm – I ordered, already getting used to commanding position – we are moving!»

The detachment arrived just in time, from a distance, we saw a rested uruks. They’ve started to push soldiers of Tarlach, but an unexpected blow from behind has dramatically changed the whole fight. Horde overpowers attack my unit, and failed to adequately respond to us. Remnants of their forces still snuck out, jumping into the river. But the battle was lost by Atar clan.