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How to get Gold in WoW?

How to get Gold in WoW?

    The game currency is an important element of any game. Gold in World of Warcraft allows you to purchase:
• necessary for flushing the professions of the ingredients (herbs, ore, cloth, gems, etc.);
• enhancements to equipment and weapons;
• increase the character's elixirs, tinctures, potions;
• transmogrification for armor;
• combat pets and saddle animals;
• WoW tokens.
    Let’s take a look to several ways how to earn in-game currency of World of Warcraft.
Ingredients for cooking
For players, the biggest advantage is the development of such a useful profession, like cooking. Organizing a feast for the members of your party or raids, the player not only get the gratitude of colleagues, but also increase the chance of a successful outcome of the battle. Therefore, the ingredients needed for the feasts sold out fairly quickly, here are some of the most popular of them:
• raw meat elekka;
• raw meat of ungulates;
• raw meat talbuk;
• raw meat of a boar;
• the egg of rilak.
In order to get the first three products, go from your garrison to Nagrand, the location called the Circle test. On arrival we need to find animals (loogootee, bull-tverdomer, ungulat, Taluka), kill and collect meat and sumptuous fur.
The raw meat of a boar and the egg of rilak extracted from jednoreki boar and frosty lidocream that live near the garrison.
After the collection process is completed, find the nearest auctioneer and sell the loot. In order to quickly get the desired profit to sell the ingredients better average price or slightly below. In my world, average prices are:
• raw meat elekka — 9 gold per 20 pieces;
• raw meat of ungulates — 49 gold per 58 pieces;
• raw meat talbuk — 28 gold per 30 pieces;
• raw meat boar — 79 gold per 20 pieces;
• the egg of rilak — 79 gold per 20 pieces;
• luxurious fur — 19 gold per 10 pieces;

    Garrison resources

The top — selling resource is ore. For its production requires the minimum of effort: to build in the garrison mine, every day to collect ore. The higher the level mine, the more resources are available, but to improve the 2nd and 3rd levels will have to spend for 1,000 gold.
The alchemy lab always need grass. If you have an herb garden, you can collect the grass and sell it at auction, or build your own laboratory (2nd level). Here you can create Draenor infusions, potions, elixirs and so on. At auction alchemy goods demand, the prices are not symbolic (a single infusion of Draenor stamina costs 5 gold).
Needed to craft magic products: magic earth, magic air, magic fire, wild blood cost impressive money and sold out quickly. But to obtain them you need to upgrade your garrison and constantly give orders to the smithy, the workshop of scribes, the barn, depending on which element you want to get.


Here we come to the most interesting section. In contrast to the above methods, there is the game currency of World of Warcraft directly, without the painful wait. As the production of the game is sold not at auction, and a conventional dealer.
To begin, open the guidebook to adventure, and choose the tab for the dungeon. To go through alone you can only if the dungeon level is lower than the level of your character. My hero has reached the one hundredth level, so I choose dungeons Cataclysm -> Grim Batol.
How to get there?
From Orgrimmar get on the blimp to Tirisfal glades. Then fly to the town of Brill, we find there the Manager of flights and travel to Port Dragon's Mouth, and from there fly towards the Twilight highlands

    The passage

For comparison, I went to Grim Batol with three characters: a druid (feral), rogue (liquidation) priest (shadow). The minimum time spent on the passage, killing all the monsters and bosses — was 6 minutes. The most suitable for the purpose turned out to be a druid, because of its strength and speed as well as AOE.
Fill in all bags, you need to find a place to sell their wealth. The closest here would be: Twilight highlands-> SIP.

    The result:

If you kill all the creatures along the way, you can get 137 gold at one time. In an hour you can go through dungeon seven times, taking into account the time required to return to the beginning, multiply it by 7 to 137 and get the 959 units of game currency.