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Mounts,PvP,Character Leveling


    Mount – a saddled horse in English, in WoW world – it’s an alive, mechanical, or astral vehicle. In the game to move on various vehicles characters can after level 20 and above. Share ground and flying mounts, each provides a different speed of movement and has a unique, striking appearance.

 The mount is a reward for a difficult quest or for defeating a strong boss. There are collection types that have minimal chance of loss.

 We will provide you with any desired mount and leave free all the items and achievements obtained in the course of production.



    The most addictive and exciting part of WoW, in which players fight with the players. Without exaggeration we can say is this is why a game server is collecting millions of users around the world. Leveling skills and finding the best armor, a rare mount and a powerful weapon –these stuff players gather in order to shine in a PvP battle or raid. In this world there are powerful clans with the strongest participants, being ranking teams. Even pumping up your. Character to maximum values it is difficult to resist the titans of PvP. We are winning the ratings battles, helping to win the client, provide training and support, protection, and raising the TOP of this complex, but fascinating world.


Character Leveling

Pumping and level up of your WoW character, boost reputation, any of game currency in the required amount. Skill is important, but accumulates slowly and requires huge time costs. We will perform uninteresting, boring work for you, so you can spend time only on important events and battles.

 The shortest terms to perform under the strength of our team, your account will not attract attention from Blizzard – we use only honest techniques of the game without bots, scripts and markups. guarantees the shortest possible time of boost, taking into account all customer requirements.