Weekly Bundle 9.1

Weekly Bundle 9.1

Weekly Bundle 9.1
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Buy Weekly Bundle 9.1 on bestboost.club

    BestBoost.Club team offers you weekly bundle. It contains several important weekly services that you can complete as your weekly routine with a discount.

 Boost ETC: 4+ hours. The boost will take longer for different additional options selected, and may be stretched over several days. Contact our operators to clarify exact estimated time of completion.

 Weekly Bundle service includes:

• Sanctum of Domination run on Heroic Difficulty. Optionally, you can select additional boosters to obtain more loot from the raid.

• Mythic Keystone +15 run with 1 & free additional booster. Optionally, you can select to run up to 10 keystone runs with discounted price.

• Run of both Torghast Wings on Floor 12, if option is selected

• Completion of weekly quests: "Replenish the Reservoir" quest for collection 1000 Anima and "Shaping Fate" in Korthia, if option is selected

 Requirements for purchasing this service: 

• Your character must have maximum level to participate in the boost;

• You must not have a cooldown/save in Sanctum of Domination on Heroic difficulty;

• You must have access to Torghast Floor 12, if option is selected;


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