Zereth Mortis Daily Farm

Zereth Mortis Daily Farm Boost

Zereth Mortis Daily Farm Boost
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 Boost ETC: up to 1-2 hours per day.

 Zereth Mortis daily farm boost service includes:

• Completion of daily and world quests in Zereth Mortis - we will log in on your character and complete all currently available daily and world quests in the new zone. If weekly quests are available, they will be completed as well;

• Defeat of 10 rare mobs - we will find and secure 10 rare mobs inside Zereth Mortis. They will drop valuable resources necessary for creation of pets and mounts, equipment, Cyphers for new power system and new currencies, as well as give reputation with The Enlightened;

• Caches of Creation puzzle - we will complete a Cypher puzzle that will reward you Cyphers of the First Ones that you can use to upgrade new outdoor power system;

• Reputation with The Enlightened - during completion of the service you will gain reputation with new faction in Zereth Mortis. This faction has many useful rewards, including new legendary power, infinite augment rune and crafting recipes;

• Rare chests - we will collect any rare chest that we'll see during our daily activities in Zereth Mortis. Chests contain rare materials and equipment;

• Cosmic Flux - during the boost you will obtain new currency that is required to upgrade legendaries to a new item level and reforging equipment into tier sets;

 Requirements for purchasing Zereth Mortis daily routine boost: 

• Your character must have access to Zereth Mortis and it's world quests;

• This service is done only in piloted mode and requires account sharing;

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