Memory of the Runecarver, Legendary Power Farm

Memory of the Runecarver, Legendary Power Farm Boost

Memory of the Runecarver, Legendary Power Farm Boost
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 What will you get for this service:

• Memory of the Runecarver containing a specific legendary power for your character!

• Runs of a Dungeon, Raid Boss, World Boss or other activity that yields the legendary power.

• Completion of this service varies depending on power's drop source and drop chance. It may take from one hour to a month or more to get your legendary power.

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a maximum level character on your account of required class for chosen legendary power.

    Legendries finally return in Shadowlands! If you’ve played Legion, there was a system in place that allowed you to randomly get a legendary for completing daily activities. Although it was cool and these unique items spiced up the gameplay, it was very unreliable and you would have to grind for months, if not years, just to get a one legendary that you desire for your character. This time around, developers have decided to change the way you get them. In Shadowlands you craft legendary item yourself! You can select any available effect, put it on one of the available slots of armor, and even customize item level and secondary stats of the item!

    But, of course, it doesn’t come without considerable grind. There’s much you have to do in order to craft legendary item. You’ll have to find a player that will be willing to sell or craft an item of acceptable item level that you want to put on your legendary effect on. Then, you’ll need to find a player with inscription to get two different stat scrolls. After that, there's a farm of Soul Ash that drops Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. The higher item level item piece you’ll have, the more soul ash you’ll need, meaning that your grind can stretch up to a whole month! And lastly, you need to find a Memory of the Runecarver with unique ability you want to put on your legendary item.

    This is why BestBoost.Club team offers its services to all World of Warcraft players. On this page you’ll be able to choose what kind of legendary power you want to obtain, and we will get it for you in the fastest amount of time possible! Please, remember, that getting a legendary power is solely dependend on luck and it may take some time.

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