Keystone Master, Hailstorm Armoredon

Keystone Master, Hailstorm Armoredon

Keystone Master, Hailstorm Armoredon
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    Keystone Master is a challenge created by the developers for experienced players. It requires you to get 2000+ rating total with all keys available during two different weeks, Fortified and Tyrannical. Roughly, that would mean you would have to complete all eight keys on +15 difficulty in time, on booth weeks. Or completing eight keys on one week on +16-17 difficulty, while completing other week keys on +13-14 difficulty. Depending on your performance, you will gain more or less rating. And for getting 2000+ rating you will obtain a new cool mount for your collection during the Season. But considering just how much work you need to do to obtain the mount, the logistict of finding the right group, setting up optimized pulls, looking out for affixes - not everyone has time to spend on such a long endeavor.

    Which is why BestBoost.Club is offering completion of Keystone Master with just a purchase of one boost! We will obtain whatever rating you are required to get the mount and finish achievement. We have different parties of experienced players at the ready to carry your character to victory!

 Boost ETC: from 1 hour to two resets. Depending on your current Mythic+ Score and rotation on which Score was obtained the boost may split over two weeks. Contact our operators to clarify completion time for your character.

 Keystone Master boost service includes:

• We will follow your character through all keystone dungeons at Mythic Keystones Level 15 difficulty in time to get 2000 rating and achievement "Keystone Master" for current season;

• Hailstorm Armoredon - a flying death elemental mount for reaching 2000 Mythic Score rating;

• Gold, chance for item level 392+ gear, guaranteed item level 398+ Mythic Dungeon vault rewards and anima obtained during the boost;

 Requirements for purchasing this service: 

• Your character must have maximum level to participate in the boost;

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