Dragonflight Pre-Patch Transmog

Dragonflight Pre-Patch Transmog

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    Dragonflight brings on a Pre-Patch and new things with it for you to explore: new class-race combination, talent system rework, profession rework, rework of classic Uldaman dungeon, and most importantly - an in-game event called "Primal Storms". In certain zones, the Primal Rifts will occur, drawing out most raw elemental power. And that power will surely drag out primal beings that will try to siphon that power, unless someone is to stop them. For participating in the event you can obtain catch-up gear for your character. And what's unique about it is: it has a special tint that will become unobtainable as soon as pre-patch event ends. So be quick! You only have two weeks to work with, and BestBoost.Club is ready to obtain said transmogs for you!

 Dragonflight Pre-patch Transmog boost service includes:

• Pre-Patch Transmog Sets - we will farm elites and bosses from the Primal Storms event to obtain unique transmog armor for your collection. You can choose to obtain sets of up to all four armor types: cloth, leather, mail and plate.

 Requirements for purchasing Dragonflight Pre-patch Transmog: 

• This service is done only in piloted mode and requires account sharing.

• Your character must have level 60

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