Fated Castle Nathria - Normal Run

Fated Castle Nathria Normal Run Boost

Fated Castle Nathria Normal Run Boost
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Buy Fated Castle Nathria Normal Run Boost on bestboost.club

 Boost ETC: 3 hours.

 Fated Castle Nathria Normal Raid service includes:

• Fated Castle Nathria run on Normal Difficulty with full or partial completion of encounters.

• Personal loot drop: chance to obtain 278+ item level gear and equipment for your character.

• Additional Boosters will trade items that they get to you. You are guaranteed to get at least one item per additional booster.

• Piloted Mode - we will take your character and play it outselves during the boost. All obtained items will be screenshoted and left on your character after raid is over.

• Selfplay Mode - you will play your character during the boost. You will be able to participate in the fights yourself, and if you purchased additional boosters, we will trade items obtained to you.

 Requirements for purchasing Normal Fated Castle Nathria:  

• You must have a level 60 character on your account.

• You must not have cooldown/save on any of the bosses of the raid on Normal difficulty. If you have cooldown, we do not guarantee that you will get additional loot from boosters. If you have a cooldown in original Castle Nathria, you will not be able to participate in Fated Raid boost.

    Fated Castle Nathria is the centerpiece of Revendreth and the Stronghold of the most influencing and wealthiest Venthyr. It is a commanding center of Sire Denathrius, and inside he forms the most powerful of weapons to free the Death itself from its prison, and all that by using the Anima stolen throughout Shadowlands and carefully stored in the Castle. Inside you will encounter the most deadliest allies of Denathrius: his sculpted guardians, the court of nobles and his most trusted generals.

    Only experienced raid groups are prepared to take on the challenge of the raid. But, if you aren’t one of those people with available guild group behind their back that can pummel through anything, you can check out BestBoost.Club services! Our team has the most experienced boosters that are ready to carry you though fire and the flames. If you’ll choose additional boosters option, not only will they get you the kill of all ten bosses, but also trade you the loot obtained by the chosen boosters for your specialization.

    If you have any questions about the service of want to know the current progress on it, we have online support working 24/7 ready to answer them immediately. You can choose between piloted and selfplay mode, whereas with selfplay you will be playing your character yourself during the boost, and with piloted our boosters will take your character for a ride inside the raid for you! In case of sharing the account, we are concerned for safety of our customers accounts, so we will use your location for VPN to make it look like you are the one playing from your account.

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