Castle Nathria
Fated Castle Nathria - Heroic Run

Fated Castle Nathria Heroic Run Boost

Fated Castle Nathria Heroic Run Boost
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 Boost ETC: 3 hours.

 Fated Castle Nathria Heroic Raid service includes:

• Fated Castle Nathria run on Heroic Difficulty with full or partial completion of encounters.

• Personal loot drop: chance to obtain 291+ item level gear and equipment for your character.

• Additional Boosters will trade items that they get to you. You are guaranteed to get at least one item per additional booster.

• Piloted Mode - we will take your character and play it outselves during the boost. All obtained items will be screenshoted and left on your character after raid is over.

• Selfplay Mode - you will play your character during the boost. You will be able to participate in the fights yourself, and if you purchased additional boosters, we will trade items obtained to you.

 Requirements for purchasing Heroic Fated Castle Nathria:  

• You must have a level 60 character on your account.

• You must not have cooldown/save on any of the bosses of the raid on Heroic difficulty. If you have cooldown, we do not guarantee that you will get additional loot from boosters. If you have a cooldown in original Castle Nathria, you will not be able to participate in Fated Raid boost.

    Revendreth is a region of Shadowlands, where most violent and wretched of souls are sent to repent for their sins in live, and, in the end, to be saved from suffering an eternity in the Maw. At the center of this landscapes raised Fated Castle Nathria, which is a place for the most influential harvesters of pride, and the creator and overseer of Revendreth known as Sire Denathrius. In short, a long-lived, faithful servant of rehabilitation center decided to succumb to sins he once sought to eradicate from poor malevolent souls. Nowadays, he drains lands of their precious life resource known as Anima and puts Shadowlands in a state of deep drought.

    It is your duty as a player and savior of all life to venture into Fated Castle Nathria and stop all those evildoers from destroying their own land. But there is a problem: you need an experienced and well-equipped raiding group to go through all those difficult encounters! Now, that is a pickle you might not be able to overcome! Do they stubbornly try to damage bosses without end instead of avoiding death-infusing mechanics? Or do they suffer from the curse of low item level? If you are having trouble with those of other illnesses of your party, try the service of BestBoost.Club team!

    With just one purchase, you will have your own experienced raiding group that is ready to finish a run of Fated Castle Nathria on Heroic Difficulty for you! Our team will defeat up to all ten bosses of the raiding dungeon for your character, obtain 213+ item level equipment and new legendary powers exclusive only to this instance. You can choose to complete the boost by playing yourself during raiding hours, or by entrusting your character to our experienced boosters with the piloted mode. When sharing the account, we will ask only for information necessary to enter the character and start the boost. And when we’ll play the archetype, we will use a VPN service that will make it look like you are the one playing from your computer to ensure maximum safety of your account!

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