Classic Weapon Skill Boost

Classic Weapon Skill Boost

Classic Weapon Skill Boost
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 Buy WoW Classic Weapon Skill Boost

    In Classic each weapon has it's own progression assosiated with it. While in retail Warcraft you can just wield any weapon your class allows you and be just fine with it, in Vanilla you have to master it. In other words, if you ever only used Guns and decided to switch to Crossbows you will miss most of your attacks and abilities just because you don't have any skill of using it. And leveling one with a sword or mace from zero to maximum is a very long task, and imagine if you have to master a whole five different weapons. This is why we offer this service to players who find themselves troubled with leveling the arms, and it will be completed by basically hitting a lot of enemies for a long while with the ordered by you weapon type.

    You can learn new weapon skill in vanilla WoW for your class, but if you don't feel like grinding for another drop you got from boss or something consider purchasing our service for leveling weapon skill in vanilla - we will get it to maximum as fast as possible and you'll be able to use a new powerful armament when we're done.

 What will you get for this service:

• We will get the chosen by you weapon skill and upgrade it to 300:

  - Bows

  - Crossbows

  - Guns

  - Fist Weapons

  - Daggers

  - One-handed Axes

  - One-handed Swords

  - One-handed Maces

  - Polearms

  - Two-handed Axes

  - Two-handed Swords

  - Two-handed Maces

  - Staves

  - Wands

  - Thrown

• All resources and items obtained during the boost will be left in your bags and/or bank

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• Your character must be level 60 to complete the order.

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