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    ToS Normal - making an order in the BestBoost Club online store

        Passage of the raid "Tomb of Sargeras" became possible in the game World of Warcraft after the implementation of 7.2 patch. This is the newest raid at this time. When it is cleared, you can get 900+ level equipment, relics, trinkets and power for your artifact. The completion of the raid on normal is the simplest and differs from the heroic and mythic by difficulty and loot (915+ and 930+, respectively). By buying the complete clear of the Tomb of Sargeras normal raid BestBoost Club service guarantees getting a certain number of 900+ level items with the possibility of warforged and titanforged upgrade. In addition, the account will have the achievements for clearing the raid. The completion of the Tomb of Sargeras normal difficulty is mandatory for all who wish to further conquer new content in the future. Our online store has prepared for the release of the 7.2 patch! Every week, our professional boosters clear out a new raid for each faction at least five times. Moreover, we have a team of more than 25 people so that the chance of dropping the items needed by your character was maximum. You can be sure that the service will do everything possible to satisfy your requests. We offer an individual approach to every player.

    What if I'll find a cheaper price for the "Tomb of Sargeras" Normal?     

         You can always discuss the terms of the service with us online and we will find a compromise solution. The same applies to prices for the entire range of products offered. You can freely offer the value, and the administration is guaranteed to consider your offer. Every visitor to the site is important to us and we try to make the game as much pleasant for you as possible. If you have a character of 110th level with equipment 860+, then you can safely buy boost Tomb of Sargeras normal difficulty right now. And be sure that we provide 100% account security.

    What will you get if you make the order?

        1) Clearing all 9 bosses with 25 experienced players;

        2) Full Priority/offsets/tiers/relics (if you order it);

        3) Run in 1-2 hours after order (or you can choose when you want it);

        4) Fast & Smooth run (2-3 hours);

        5) 900+ Item level gear, 7 items guaranteed if you choose master loot option;

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