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   Buy The Gladiator Title boost.

    Achievements’ relevance goes up together with high personal ratings – you’ll get the ranking accompanied by a number of delicious extras. Gladiator ranking in World of Warcraft is awarded to players with personal Arena 2v2 rating starting from 2000 and higher.

   If you buy the gladiator title boost, you will get:

        Gladiator title and achievement.

        • Personal rating of the chosen arena type (2х2, 3х3, 5х5).

        • Ranking in the end of arena season.

        • A number of honor points gained for the period.

        • If there’s been a transition to other talent tiers, the rewards (artifact type, mounts, companions, gold) are gained by the customer.

        • Items collected from treasure chests.


        • 110 level.

        • Primary equipment attributes.

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