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     Artifact weapon challenge boost: passing The Tower of Wizards

     The "Legion" addition brought a lot of new content into the World of Warcraft game, among which the new continent Cleaved Islands stands. Here users who have reached level 110 spend 80 percent of the time. Several buildings are available for construction on the continent and there is a special one among them called "The Tower of Wizards".

     All the players on a server are working on a building. It is the same building for the whole faction (both Alliance and Horde). The Heroes collect supplies from monsters and local buildings for the Army of the Legion destruction and then use them for the Tower erection. Teamwork allows players to have access to the challenge mode, buff and teleports at the same time. Thus, within the next 3 days (that’s how long the building exists) a player can choose boosting, move between the main points on a map and take part in solo trips for getting new appearance for the artifacts of any class.


     BestBoost Club service allows the visitors to order passing of The Tower of Wizards in wow challenge mode. The professional team of gamers will clean up the complex locations for you. They will complete the task for the shortest period of time and all the rewards will appear in customer’s account. Game Developers give the unique artifact appearance as a prize. Every player of the World of Warcraft wants to have a glorious weapon. The execution time may take from 15 minutes to 2 hours. It takes that less time since the team has only professionals who have a huge experience in similar tasks. So the customer may even stay in from of the computer while waiting and the task will soon be completed. No other shops do the same things for such a short period of time. After receiving a notification that the order is completed, the customer is welcome to login into the account and transform the artifact.


     We complete 80% of orders of this type. Why we decline other 20% of such orders? It’s connected to the low level of the customer’s equipment. The complexity of the challenge in The Tower of Wizards can be compared to the challenge warlord, which was relevant in Draenor. The level of the objects must be at least 910+. For this reason, the orders from people with 880+ equipment are rejected. It is impossible to complete the task with such items. The BestBoostClub service is honest so if the order can’t be completed for some reason, we’ll make sure to let you know at once. And if we start working on your order, you can be sure that it will be successfully completed. Our team offers the lowest price for clean up the wow mage tower. Only 65 euro for the complete the challenge.


     In addition, the customer can choose a stream on the Twitch service for a minimal surcharge. It’s just impossible to find the lower price in the web. With the help of online broadcasting, a person can raise the popularity of the characters, attract the audience and earn money. As a result, both the BestBoostClub and customer benefit. The online store is loyal to all visitors. If you have any additional requests or have any question, feel free to contact our team for help. Your wishes will be heard and taken into consideration. We will always do our best to make our customers happy.

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