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    «The Test of Righteousness» raid dungeons are a part of the relevant WoW add-on. Legion will transfer all players in the old locations of Halls of Valor and Helheim. The main plotline focuses on helping Odyn fighting with Helya - a fallen Valkyrie, in order not to let her capture the souls of Vrykuls. After ordering the service, the player gets: 

    If you buy boost trial of valor heroic run, you will get:

        • A possibility to get back to the old locations of «Wrath of the Lich King» add-on and participate in new battles (personal participation is negotiated with an operator while processing with the order).

        • 885+ ilvl items , for your main spec.

        •Knowledge of combat techniques on Odyn, Helya and Garm.

        •Gold collected while completing the instance.

        •Achievement: Heroic Trial of Valor.

        •Collecting of rare items, jewelry, upgrades and other similar stuff is negotiated with an operator while processing with the order.

  The player has a possibility to choose several extra options:

        • Personal loot means defeating all bosses in the raid and getting certain items for the customer.

        • Off-spec means handing out all items dropped in the process of raid completion for two specs of the player.

        • Relic priority gives a possibility to get all items of this class that will drop inthe process of the gameplay.

        • Solo game will give a chance to participate in the battles with bosses.

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