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Kill Kil'jaeden Tomb of Sargeras


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            Who is Kil'jaeden?

        One of the most infamous villains from the Warcraft lore now returns in the latest patch 7.2.5 of all-known MMORPG. Kil'Jaeden is the last 9th raid boss of the new raid "The Tomb of Sargeras". For his kill players are rewarded 910+ by items and other awesome bonuses.

        How will this benefit your character?

        First off, it will boost your hero with 910+ level loot that will enhance your performance in future encounters. Killing Kil'Jaeden on heroic difficulty will grant you a new tint for your challenging artifact appearance. And in addition to all that, you will get the achievements that will help you to find a group in the future.

        Why should you buy on BestBoost.Club?

BestBoost.Club is the service of professional players that know all the aspects of the game. Before selling this service, our team thoroughly rehearses the boss fight so the percentage of a wipe is really low. Also, you can always offer your price for the kill if you'll find it unfair.

        What will you get for buying this service?

* A chance for 910+ level equipment from Kil'jaeden, if you chose personal loot option
* Tint for Challenging Artifact Appearance, if you chose heroic option and have the appearance equipped 
* "Deceiver's Fall" achievements, by defeating Kil'jaeden on any difficulty
* "Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden" achievements, if you chose heroic option

Quality Service and 24\7 support, we are professionals and we know what you want. That's why we considered one of the most progressive services in the World of Warcraft. Don't hesitate and buy Kil'jaeden kill boost today!
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