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    Buy The Nighthold Normal run.


    World of Warcraft Legion add-on received a 7.1.5 update in which The Nighthold raid was added. This huge construction is the biggest fortresson the Broken Isles. Gul'dan settled right there as the main boss. The relevance of this raid dungeon for the players is as follows:

    If you buy the nighthold normal boost, you will get:

        • Items of the highest level of the game (870+ ilvl gear).

         7 Item slots Guarantee, if you get less then 7 items, we will make next raid for free.

        • Normal achievements Arcing AqueductsRoyal AthenaeumNightspire and also Betrayer's Rise.

        Aritfact power.

    This service includes completion of The Nighthold raid dungeon in Normal difficulty mode. For the part of our team, we’re obliged to:

        • Carry out a full instance completion with ten bosses including Gul'dan.
        • Fulfil all conditions agreed with the customer in accordance with the terms negotiated before hand.

    The player has a possibility to choose several extra options:

        • Personal loot means defeating all bosses in the raid and getting certain items for the customer.
        • Off-spec means handing out all items dropped in the process of raid completion for two specs of the player.
        • Full set means that a player can get jewelry and cloaks for the character inaddition to basic items.
        • Relic priority gives a possibility to get all items of this class that will drop inthe process of the gameplay.
        • Solo game will give a chance to participate in the battles with bosses.


        • 110 level.
        • 3 hours of free time (if selfplay).

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