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    Return to Karazhan patch gives you a chance to get back to the world of WoW’s past into one of the most legendary dungeons to complete an epic quest for a lot of loot. New 7.1 patch adds fresh content to World of Warcraft. It’s called “Return to Karazhan”. This is an epic dungeon designed for a group of five players.

    If you buy the return to karazhan boost, you will get:

        • Full completion of “Return to Karazhan” dungeon and defeat of all nine bosses.

        • At first 4 bosess you will get 855+ ilvl, last 4 bosess 860+ ilvl , 9-th boss can drop 875+ ilvl item.

        • Possibility of solo game is also negotiated with an operator.

        • Chance to get mounts: Smoldering Ember Wyrm and Fiery Warhorse's Reins.

        • Next achievements: One Night in Karazhan and Return to Karazhan.

        • Demonstration of elite monsters and bosses combat techniques.

        • Collecting of all equipment, useful resources and gold for the customer.

    And, of course:

        • Possibility to see  Karazhan once again – it’s one of the most interesting raids of WoW’s add-ons of the past.


        • 110 level.
        • 845+ equipment.

        have access to Karazhan     

        • 2-4 hours of free time (if selfplay).

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