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The Emerald Nightmare Normal (Master Loot)


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     Buy Emerald Nightmare normal Loot Master Unique Service

     Loot Master service will give you a chance to finally explore the new territories and participate in combats of Emerald Nightmare raid together with our professionals.

     WoW Emerald Nightmare raid dungeon is the latest novelty to the World of Warcraft game. That’s why it’s highly relevant for all those who wish to explore the content of the new Legion add-on. This service is called “Loot Master” and includes the following:

  • Defeating of all boses in Emerald Nightmare instance in normal mode and collecting the items;
  • Demonstration of bosses combat techniques and other areas of the location (if a solo game option is chosen);
  • Farming of gold and resources;

  •      The relevance of the Emerald Nightmare normal boost is as follows:

  • Quick way to equip the character;
  • The service Emerald Nightmare normal boost several times ordered will be enough to get the full set of equipment;
  • There’s a possibility to discuss all additional options with an operator (solo game, getting relics, jewelry and other things);

  •      Eventually when the service is carried out the customer gets:

  • All items for the basic and additional specialization of the character (jewelries, relics and other resources are additionally negotiated);
  • A possibility to choose a solo game and participate in the combats with all bosses of Emerald Nightmare raid;

  •      Customer’s character must be level 110. Deadlines are negotiated while processing with the order.

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