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     Buy Emerald Nightmare Loot Master in Heroic Mode

     Emerald Nightmare raid completion in heroic mode will give you all you need with an extra option – participation in boss combats together with experienced WoW professionals.

     This service is called “Loot Master”. It includes the completion of Heroic Emerald Nightmare raid dungeon. At present moment, it’s the quickest way to equip the character with best equipment possible.

     “Loot Master” service includes:

  • Defeat of all seven bosses in the heroic mode of the instance and collecting od all useful items;
  • Handling over the items for the two specs of the customer’s character;

  •      Options that can be discussed additionally:

  • Solo game. The customer will join the group of experienced players to participate in combats. The price is usually increased due to the risks of failure;
  • Focus on relics. As a result of choosing this option the character will get all drops for leveling of the artifact;
  • Jewelry. Collecting of jewelry dropped by bosses is discussed additionally;

  •      Eventually, after completing of WoW Emerald Nightmare boost customer gets:

  • All items guaranteed by his class regardless of specialization;
  • If options mentioned above were discussed separately, the player can get relics, jewelry, resources, weapons skins and others stuff;

  •      In order to process with the service the customer must have a level 110 character. For more questions aroused and for additional explanations contact our tech assistants.

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