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Blood of Sargeras


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    Blood of Sargeras – New Resource & New Ways to Use It

    What Blood of Sargeras is? Is it hard to get it, how much does it take and what is the possible usage? Read further for more info. World of Warcraft: Legion add-on brought in a new important resource called Blood of Sargeras. This reagent can be obtained in several ways. All of them are hard, taking much of the gameplay time.

    Here are the main ways of using this reagent:

        • Crafting of 815+ items. Equipment can be used as initial before starting dungeon quests and raids.

        • Cloak Enchants are created with the Blood of Sargeras.

        • This reagent is used for crafting of level 805 relics (adding +31 to the items).

        • It’s used in jewelrycraft for cutting gems adding +200 to a certain characteristic.

        • Used in professions and is present in all high level recipes.

        • Experience allows to collect about 10 points of reagent per hour (together with this reagent you can get level 825 items and artifact power, obtaining them is additionally negotiated with an operator).

        • Mining profession isn’t required.

        • Fun items like  Steelbound Harness,  Chatterstone,  Trigger,  Leylight Brazier,  Elderhorn Riding Harness,  Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix.

    What the service includes and what the customer gets:

        • While processing the order, the customer specifies the desired amount of Blood of Sargeras and the team proceeds to get the result (player’s participation in the game or providing temporary account access is additionally negotiated).

        • Eventually the customer gets the desired amount of the resource in an approximate period of time specified by the operator.

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